Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed, but Opened Mouths Do!

No truer statement has been made about the teaching profession. Articles, social media posts, tweets, and comedic renderings abound extolling the horrors in our profession. Media makes sure the public understands that teachers are exiting classrooms in droves. Teachers are dissatisfied and dismayed. We are underpaid and disrespected. Parents are our archenemy. Students are ill prepared and unwilling to learn. In reality, teachers are nothing more than glorified babysitters.

I admit, there have been days when these thoughts and feelings belonged to me. BUT, there have been more days where I am glad to be a teacher. Teaching is a rewarding and inspiring profession, and if I could choose another, I wouldn’t. My pay is sufficient to afford me the niceties and necessities of life. My lifestyle meets my needs. I am blessed to have had few negative encounters with parents. I chose to teach in a high poverty district, and I embrace the daily challenges of my choice. My students did not ask to be below grade level. They did not ask to be born into poverty. They have no say in how often they have to move out of their homes. The effects of poverty are not their fault, and not their choice. Unfortunately, for whatever the reason, it’s the hand they were dealt.

So, why Fostering Teachers? For the sole purpose of representing those who love teaching. For the sole purpose of making the voice of these teachers heard. For the sole purpose of exhorting those who are tired and frustrated. For the sole purpose of sharing resources and best practices. For the sole purpose of having a partner who listens and provides honest and deliberate feedback. For the sole purpose of ensuring that the last and the least receive the  highest quality education possible, regardless of their zip code.

That’s the “why” of Fostering Teachers. Won’t you join me in making our voices heard?!!




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