Chunk Independent Practice????

We know the value in chunking text for our struggling and advanced readers, but what about chunking independent practice? Consider this:

I just read the article (below) by Dave Stuart (I shared in an earlier post how much I respect his work). What if we chunked independent practice into short spans of time? What if we broke the teaching objective into discrete steps of mastery along Bloom’s hierarchy?

This is what I mean: Let’s say we’re teaching subject/verb agreement. Well, we need to know if students can identify a subject and verb before we ask them to determine agreement. So, after we instruct and model identifying each, we would them say, “OK, class, for the next ten minutes I want you to deliberately focus on nothing else but identifying subjects and verbs in the following sentences. Go!” Once ten minutes are up, we could give a mental break – a quick Socrative quiz or maybe a discussion for clarity. Next, we would instruct and model agreement. “OK , class, now I want you to deliberately focus for the next ten minutes on nothing else but whether the subjects and verbs agree. Go!”

Our exit slip would consist of questions that check for identification as well as agreement and could be differentiated based on the different levels of student understanding.

These are my initial thoughts, and I’m sure they’ll be tweaked in the days to come. It never occurred to me to chunk independent practice.

Your thoughts????

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